Hear From Students

Bill, a Southeastern Seminary Graduate, found himself disillusioned with his church experiences but still desired a better understanding of scripture. However, early on he was resistant to the Jewishness of Jesus and the centrality of Israel.

Has that changed for him? Watch him tell a short story of his journey:

Amy was raised in a Christian home with the understanding that seeking God and loving Him is a valuable thing.

When first attending our classes, she was comfortable with God but didn’t realize she was lacking in her understanding of him. Listen to what she has to say, but be warned, it may surprise you:

Tiffany grew up in churches but there were a lot of unanswered questions and “pieces missing from the puzzle”. Some of the questions have been answered and many of those pieces are coming together. Hear where this enrichment came from:

Pastor Michael, a student of history, believes studying history is crucial in order to understand the Bible. Since studying at our school, his knowledge of his faith has increased. If you have questions that haven’t been fully answered, see what he has to say…

Also, find out how he filled in the areas that were missing in his Masters of Divinity program:

Mary, a long-time Christian, loved the Old Testament, but she knew there were numerous references and specifics that she didn’t understand. Now she’s received the building blocks that were missing:

Linda, a Library Reference Assistant, took her first class here 15 years ago. She was always curious about the culture of the Bible even though many of the things Jesus said lacked cultural context for her. See how she was able to fill in the gaps:

Les, Business Consultant and retired Professional Researcher, has been a Christian for over 25 years and very active in church. He learned some things that have been eye opening and revealing:

Lena was challenged to look at scripture from a Jewish mindset but didn’t know how to do that. See what she has to say…

Dr. Kim, MD, takes classes after working 12-14 hour days. Why are these classes that important? Hear from her:

Susan Overton wondered where her Pastor learned about the Jewish details of the scriptures. Hear her story:

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